It is unique in life for an accomplished executive to demonstrate the unique blend of emotional and intellectual intelligence, and Kent is one of those rare jewels. While balancing this gift, along with humility, humor and a keen 360 degree awareness of the whole person, Kent offers his leadership in abundance. The optics and facilitation skills he demonstrated for me on a very delicate but decades long issue changed my life. I am forever grateful.
— Katina Koller, Vistage Chair, Phoenix
Through years of working with Kent on creative projects involving multiple levels of business, I can honestly say I’ve never seen anyone better at grasping a concept immediately, adding real value in the form of innovative ideas, and building and managing a quality team to make it happen.
— Tom Gresham, host, national radio's "Gun Talk”
Kent strikes a unique balance of careful listening and sharing of his wealth of experiences. He quickly pinpoints the crux of a situation through pointed questions and never fails to leave you with helpful insights that lead to
— Christine Collier, director, Willamette Valley Vineyards/Vistage Member
I have known Kent for several years as a peer in an executive coaching group and have come to greatly respect and value his insight and his ability to analyze a situation and suggest constructive ways forward.
Most executives I know would benefit from his experience as well as having him as a valuable, dispassionate resource when dealing with difficult situations.
— Graeme Harrison, EVP, Biamp Systems/Vistage Member
Business is about more than dollars and cents. It’s about a team of players working together to achieve a shared goal, and every team needs a great coach. Kent is that guy.
— brad Fitzpatrick, owner, river's edge media
Kent is true rare combination of a compassionate straight shooter - he tells you what you need to hear to get out of your own way, and his confidence in you carries you when you need it.
With Kent on my side, I have the confidence and accountability I need to accomplish anything I set my mind to, and the partner I need to help me remove barriers that stand in the way.
— Alyssa Gasca, Owner, SPARK Executive Solutions
Kent is the most emotionally intelligent person I have ever had the pleasure to meet and he is a leader of leaders. Every time I meet with Kent, I learn something new that has made me a better leader, employee, parent and spouse.
— tim hyre, cfo, learning.com/Vistage member
Kent is the co-pilot you want on your journey. He has most likely been to where you want to go, he knows how to get back, and he’ll help you learn along the way. I have witnessed him do this for others as a coach, experienced it firsthand as his co-worker, and have greatly appreciated his counsel as my friend
— tom kahl, Finance, Adidas
I collaborated with Kent on several marketing initiatives have deep respect for his court vision, and his skill in team-building. I saw in Kent a genuine caring for those he worked with and an understanding that the health and well being of his team was paramount to group success.
— John Waller, Founder, Uncage the Soul Productions
I have had the unique opportunity to know and work with Kent for the past 20 years. He is salt of the earth: dependable, a visionary, forward-thinking, the consummate team member and leader. Kent is one who I trust and one who I look forward to working with on the next project.
— John DePalma, CEO, Brand Intelligent
Kent is a builder. He builds teams by providing a vision for their collective goals and related efforts while challenging/inviting individuals to improve and grow as professionals and people.
Kent is at his best with those who are willing to struggle, improve, question and most especially live with urgency
— Nate hoke, customer service director/vistage member
Kent has been a positive influence in my life. His desire to see those around him succeed is obvious and evidenced through his actions.
Kent has a unique ability to relate to people on their terms. For he and I, it has always been sports. I would best describe him as a ‘winning’ quarterback. He’s happy with hitting his receivers in space – away from lurking linebackers – and allowing them to make the moves from there.
— gary Killingsworth, digital marketing professional


I'll give you proven leadership and decision making tools that will grow your business, your team and yourself.  My promise is to support and guide your journey in building and leading a high performing team that will follow you anywhere, making them - and you - simply better.


About Me

how did i get here

I began my career behind the retail counter of a Midwestern sporting goods store in 1986.  Since cutting my teeth working retail during those years, I have helped grow, shape and lead some of the best brands in the Outdoor industry:  Cabela's, Danner, LaCrosse, Leatherman, The Outdoor Channel, Crimson Trace, etc.

More importantly to me, I have built countless teams of extraordinary performers, groomed, grown and mentored them into experienced, thoughtful, expert leaders of divisions, Brands and companies.

I take great pride in my ability to not just lead, but to teach others how to lead and reach beyond their own expectations of achievement - personally and professionally.

During my time with Kent, I was challenged, supported and lead by someone I now consider a friend and mentor. He pushed me to my limits and always had my back. I am confident I can now provide this type of leadership and mentorship to my own team
— Tiffany hopp, Gerber legendary blades
Kent provided invaluable support and guidance when I was going through a significant career change. He was there any time that I needed him and his advice provided clarity and comfort to me during a tough period of my life. I wouldn’t have landed where I landed without him
— Jake Ration, development manager, green light development/vistage member
Among Kent’s many admirable traits, two stand out for me - authenticity and generosity. In terms of generosity, what you see is what you get with Kent. He is refreshingly real; this allows those of us, who have the good fortune to work with Kent, to trust what he says as genuine and honest. Kent’s generosity manifests in his gifts of deep listening and presence. In talking with Kent, you know that he is 100% tuned and there for you, just you. These are rare qualities.
— Lori Charvat, TEC Canada